How to order ?


By fax or mail : best to use our purchase order form.

By telephone : Monday to Friday from 8 am to 12.30 am and 1 pm to 5 pm.

We invit you to clearly and legibly indicate the following information :

  • The article reference number
  • The exact colour specification
  • Our colour range includes several shades of blue, green, violet...
  • Beware of colour sequence in multicoloured articles. The diagrams are clearly numbered C1, C2, C3, C4,...
  • Each reference number also matches a specific fabric ( Lycra, cotton/Lycra, velvet...)

Order Form

Download here your order form

AGIVAŽ models:

Designed by specialists and superbly cut in the finest, our creations are sure to bring you great comfort with o top fashionable sporty look.

Colour strocking:

We offer a large choice of fabrics, colours and pattens. The range of colours are on pages 72 to 75.
We guarantee to continue stocking the range of colours from the present catalogue till May 2004.
AGIVA also offers to continue stocking the basic Lycra range (see page 72) for the next several years.

The prices:

  • Prices quoted apply to a minimum order of two items per seze
  • Rates for small order.
    • The extra production costs of small order brings about an added surcharge:
    • A. Of 10% per single size item order.( Example: 9960 - Roi - 1/38 1/40 1/42)
    • B. Of 40% per single reference item order. ( Example: 9960 - Roi- 1/38)
    • N.B. However there is no surcharge for an item within a bulk order ( Example: 9960 – Roi – 1/38 2/40 1/42)
  • For stock items, there is no surcharge.


Stock items are identified in the catalogue by a yellow background.


Stock item orders leave the factory outlet within eight days, for other orders expect a 4 to 5 week delay following the purchase order.


The upkeep of our quality products requires strict care. It is advised to follow carefully the subsequent instructions :

  • Washing: Delicate fabric detergents - max 30°C - no bleach.
  • No spin-drying and no ironing open air drying.
  • For swimsuits it is vital to rinse abundantly after use in a swimming pool in order to get rid of the chlorine.
  • Twin coloured clothes must be washed in cold water to avoid running of colours.